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For many people and companies, mailing projects can be a major headache, from the postal requirements, to getting the list sorted, not to mention seeing that the job goes out on time and without errors.

Our services include data processing, addressing, copying, folding, inserting, sealing, sorting, metering, and delivery to the post office. We also provide domestic and international mailing via U.S. mail or courier service.

Ram Print offers timely, accurate service at very competitive prices.

For free extimates, please send us a detailed description of your mailing project via e-mail, or give us a call to discuss how we can help you, 415-383-9000. We will provide you with the most inexpensive rate possible for your goal.

Data Processing

  • File Conversion - Dos/Mac disk, 9-track magnetic tape.
  • List Maintenance - Additions/Deletions/Changes.
  • Mail Merge - Excel & Word documents merging/Laser printing.
  • Duplication Elimination - Delete any duplicate addresses.
  • Delivery Point Barcoding (CASS Certification) - Add Zip+4 zipcode for automation mailing.
  • Carrier Routing - Add carrier route numbers for cheaper postal rates.
  • Programming/File Clean-Up.

Mailing Services

  • Addressing/Labeling - Inkjet addressing, peel & stick, laser & Cheshire labels.
  • Folding - Single folding/tri-folding/z-folding.
  • Inserting - Single or multiple pieces inserting.
  • Sealing - Machine or manual sealing.
  • Tabbing - Machine or manual tabbing with clear tab.
  • Sorting - 1st class presorting, Standard mail, (bulk mailing).
  • Posting - Metering, Permit use or stamp affixing.
  • Pickup/delivery to the post office.
  • Fedex/DHL/UPS/Courier/International Mailing.

Your files can be e-mailed. Your mailing lists will be kept confidential.

Questions on postal regulations? Call us.

Free project planning consultation!


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