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Are you starting up a new company? Looking for those custom one-of-a-kind invitations. We have Graphic Design experts along with Illustration Artists that can create anything you need. From complete Corporate Identities down to small flyers, there is nothing to big or to small for the talented staff at Ram Print.

What is Design?
Design is the art of communication through shape and form. The project at hand is what determines the type of communication; for example: when Cadillac builds a luxury car they want to communicate style and sophistication along with elegance. When Chevrolet builds an off road vehicle they want to show power, strength and stability. This is where Design defines the entity of a product. Graphic Design communicates that same ideas and feelings through imagery. From fonts to colors, every detail can invoke emotions on all levels.

What does a Designer do?
A Designers job is to help communicate your idea and/or feeling in a graphic representation. Whether it is a wine label or a car, all projects need to communicate what they are about without having to be explained. A Designer will create the types of ideas that need to put across, for example: simplicity, style, power, stability, elegance, fear, humor, celebration, and so on.

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